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CHIEF EXECUTIVE  SEARCHES (that are now public)

Please note that, where available, (move your cursor over the school name to find out) you can access position descriptions by clicking on the school name. If a search is completed, the position description has been removed.

For July 2017

Bishop Garcia Diego High School (CA)

Bridgton Academy (ME)

Cornelia Connelly School (CA)

Cristo Rey Kansas City (MO)
Emma Willard School (NY)
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Fort Worth Academy (TX)
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Friends Academy (MA)

Green Mountain Valley School (VT) Search is completed
Helios School (CA)
Henry Viscardi School (NY)
Holy Child Academy (NY)
La Reina High School & Middle School (CA)
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Lacordaire Academy (NJ)
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Marin Primary and Middle School (CA)
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Notre Dame Schools (OH) 
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St. Mary's Academy (CO)
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Tandem Friends School (VA) 
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Past Chief Executive Search Clients (Alphabetical listing)
The Academy at Ocean Reef (FL) 2005
Academy of the Holy Names (FL) 2005
Academy of Notre Dame (MA) 2014
AISNE (New England)
The Albany Academies (NY) 2010
The Albany Academy for Girls (NY) 1993
Alexander Dawson School (CO) 2000
Alperin Schechter Day School (RI) 2005
The Andover School of Montessori (MA) 1998
Applewild School (MA) 2001
Archbishop Williams High School (MA) 2007
Archer School for Girls (CA) 2008
Archway School (CA) 2010
The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) 2008
Athenian School (CA) 2009
Audubon Charter School (LA) 2016
Baker Demonstration School (IL) 2008
The Baldwin School (PA) 2006
Bancroft School (MA) 2014
The Barrie School (MD) 1999, 2003
Barstow School (MO) 1994, 2001
Bay Farm Montessori Academy (MA) 2007
The Bay School (CA) 2009
Belmont Day School (MA) 1999
Benjamin Franklin High School (LA) 2016
Bishop Seabury Academy (KS) 2001
The Bishop’s School (CA) 2009
Blue Man Creativity Center (NY) 2009
The Branson School (CA) 2002, 2007
Brewster Academy (NH) 2003
Bridgton Academy (ME) 2008
Brooklyn Friends School (NY) 2002
Brooks School (MA) 2008
Burke Mountain Academy (VT) 1999
Burlington Day School (NC) 2009
The Bush School (WA) 1997
The Calhoun School (NY) 1998
Cambridge Montessori School (MA) 2002
Campbell Hall School (CA) 2003
Canterbury School (NC) 2006
Canton Country Day School (OH) 1997
Cardigan Mountain School (NH) 2005, 2007
Cardinal Newman High School (CA) 2014
The Carey School (CA) 2004, 2011
Carmel Catholic High School (IL) 2015
Castilleja School (CA) 1993
Cate School (CA) 1998
Cathedral High School (IN) 2016
Cathedral School for Boys (CA) 1999
CATS Academy Boston (MA) - Interim 2013, Permanent 2014
Charles River School (MA) 1993
Charles Wright Academy (WA) 1996
Chatham Day School (NJ) 2015
Chatham Hall (VA)
Chesapeake Academy (MD) 2013
Chesapeake Bay Academy (VA) 2013
The Chestnut Hill School (MA) 2007
Children’s Day School (CA) 2010
Chinese American International School (CA) 2001
Cold Spring School (CT) Interim Head 2012
The College School (MO) 2002
Colorado Springs School (CO) 2000
The Columbus Academy (OH) 1997
The Community School (ID) 2011
Connelly School of the Holy Child (MD) 2014
Convent of the Sacred Heart High School (CA) 2008
Convent of the Visitation (MN) 2016
The Country School (CT) 1998, 2005
The Cove School (IL) 2004
The Covenant School (TN) 2016
The Craig School (NJ) 2003, 2005
Crane School (CA) 2000
Culver Academies (IN) 2016
Dana Hall School (MA) 2008, 2016
Daycroft Montessori School (MI) 2014
Dedham Country Day School (MA) 1996, 2006, 2016
Doane Academy (NJ) 2015
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart (TX) 2012
Eagle Hill-Southport School (CT) 2012

East Woods School (NY) 2002
The Eliot Montessori School (MA) 1994
The Elisabeth Morrow School (NJ) 2000
Emerson School (MI) 2009
Emery-Weiner Jewish Educational Center (TX) 2000
Emma Willard School (NY) 2000
Episcopal High School (LA) 2005
Episcopal School of Acadiana, Inc. (LA) 2005
The Episcopal School of Baton Rouge (LA) 2010
Esperanza Charter School (LA)
Evergreen School (MD)

Evergreen School (WA) 2012
Far Brook School (NJ) 2010
The Fenn School (MA) 1993
Flint Hill School (VA) 2005
Fontbonne Academy (MA) 2005
Fordham Preparatory School (NY) 2013
Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (WA) 2009
Fox Chapel Country Day School (PA) 2007
The Franciscan School (NC) 2006
The French-American School of Rhode Island (RI) 2014
The Galloway School (GA) 2007
Ghent Montessori School (VA) 1994
Giddens School (WA) 2010
Gladwyne Montessori School (PA) 2007
Golden Hills School (CA) 2012
The Gordon School (RI) 1994
Gould Academy (ME) 2001, 2012
Governor's Academy (MA) 1999, 2011
The Gow School (NY) 2004
Grace Episcopal Day School (FL) 2014
Grace Episcopal Day School (MD)
Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School (TN) 2011
Green Hedges School (VA) 2003
Greenhills School (MI) 2012
Greenwich Village High School (NY) 2008
The Greenwood School (VT) 1999
Greenwood School (CA) 2014
Gunston Day School (MD) 2000
Hamden Hall Country Day School (CT) 2006
Hanahau'oli School (HI) 2013
Happy Valley School (CA) 2006
Harbor Country Day School (NY) 2007
Harbor Day School (CA) 2012
Harding Academy (TN) 1997
Harford Day School (MD) 2014
Highland School (VA) 2005
Hillbrook School (CA) 2009
Hilton Head Preparatory School (SC) 2009
Holy Comforter Episcopal School (FL) 2011
Holy Cross High School (NY) 2016
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School (GA) 2003
Hudson Montessori School (OH) 2013
Hyla Middle School (WA) 2007
Idyllwild Arts Academy (CA) 2011
The Independence School (DE) 2004   
The Independent Day School (CT) 1995, 2000, 2007
Independent School (KS) 2010
Independent Schools Association of the Central States (IL) 2014
International School Nido de Aguilas (CHILE) 2014
International School of Asia (JAPAN)
Jarrow Montessori School (CO) 1997
Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island 2005
Julia Morgan School for Girls (CA) 2009
Katherine Delmar Burke (CA) 2008
The Kew-Forest School (NY) Interim 2014; Permanent 2015
King and Low-Heywood Thomas School (CT) 1996
Kingsley Montessori School (MA) 1999
The Knox School (NY) 2003, 2005
Lacordaire Academy (NJ) 2007
Lafayette Academy (LA) 2007
Lake Forest Academy (IL) 2001
The Laurel School (CA) Limited engagement 2012
Lawrence Academy (MA) 2003
Lincoln School (RI) 2005
Link Community School (NJ) 2010
The Linsly School (WV) 2014
Live Oak School (CA) 2002
The Logan School (CO) 2004, 2011
The Lowell Whiteman School (CO) 1998, 2010
Madison Country Day School (WI) 2004
Marianapolis Preparatory School (CT) 2011 Limited engagement
Marin Country Day School (CA) 2003
Marin Horizon School (CA) 2011
Marin Montessori School (CA) 2008
Marin Primary & Middle School (CA) 2006
The Marin School (CA) 2011
Marymount High School (CA) 1996
The Masters School (NY) 2015
The Maumee Valley Country Day School (OH) 1994
The McClelland School (CO) 2001
The Meadows School (NV) 2005
Metairie Park Country Day School (LA) 1995
Miami Valley School (OH) 2013
The Miller School (VA) 2008
Miss Hall’s School (MA) 1992
Missouri Military Academy (MO) 2007, 2016 (Limited Interim)
The Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes (IN) 1999
Montessori Center School (CA) 1995
Montessori de Terra Linda (CA) 2008
Montessori Family School (CA) 2012
Morgan Park Academy (IL) 2009
Mulberry School (CA)
Nantucket New School (MA) 2001, 2004
Nardin Academy (NY) 2015
New Hampton School (NH) 2005, 2016
New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJ) 2010
New Orleans Charter School of Math and Science (LA) 2012
New York State Association of Independent Schools (NY) 2009
North Shore Country Day School (IL) 1993, 2000
Northfield Mount Hermon School (MA) 2012
Northwest School (WA) 2011
Northwood School (NY) 1997
Notre Dame Academy (MA) 2015
Notre Dame de Sion School (MO) 2012
Oak Meadow Montessori School (MA) 2001, 2005
Oakwood Friends School (NY) 2000
Oldfields School (MD) 1997
Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, (South Africa) 2009
Orchard Country Day School (IN) 1995
Oregon Episcopal School (OR) 1999, 2011
Palmer Trinity School (FL) 2004, 2013 Interim, 2014 Permanent
Peddie School (NJ) 2001, 2013
The Pennington School (NJ) 1998, 2006
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PA) 2016
Perkiomen School (PA) 2008
The Phillips Brooks School (CA) 1997
Polytechnic School (CA) 1998
Prospect Sierra School (CA) 2007
Providence Country Day School (RI) 1998
The Purnell School (NJ) 1998
Ridgefield Academy (CT) 1999
River Oaks Baptist School (TX) 2012
Riverbend School (MA) 2016

Rivermont Collegiate School (IA) 2005
Riverside Military Academy (GA) 2006
Rockland Country Day School (NY) 2009
Rocky Hill School (RI) 2011, 2013
Rohan Woods School (MO) 2003
Ross School (NY) 2006
Sage School (MA)  2013
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (MD) 2002
St. Andrew's Episcopal School (TX)  2013
St. Andrew’s School (MS) 1996
St. Andrew’s School (RI) 1996
St. Andrew’s-Sewanee (TN) 2008
St. Anne’s Episcopal School (CO) 2006
St. Barnabas Episcopal School (FL) 2013
St. George Episcopal School (TX) 2005
St. George's School (RI) 2004
St. Gregory College Preparatory School (AZ)  2013
St. James Episcopal School (TX) 1996, 2008
St. James School (MD) 1992
St. Johnsbury Academy (VT) 2001
St. Joseph's Academy (MO) 2016
St. Joseph’s Episcopal School (FL) 2005
St. Luke’s Episcopal School (TX) 2009
St. Mark’s School (MA) 1994, 2006
St. Martin's Episcopal School (LA) 2012
St. Mary’s Academy (CO) 2006
St. Mary's Episcopal School (TN) 2012
St. Matthew’s Episcopal School (CA) 2007
St. Michael's Catholic Academy (TX) 2014
St. Michael’s Country Day School (RI) 1992, 1998, 2014
St. Monica Catholic High School (CA) 1997
St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School (MO) 1994
St. Paul's School (NH) 2011
St. Paul’s School for Girls (MD) 1995
St. Peter’s School (PA) 2000
St. Richard’s School (IN) 2001
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School (FL) 2002
St. Stephen’s Episcopal School (TX) 2002, 2007
School of the Holy Child (NY) 2016
Seattle Country Day School (WA) 2001
Seattle Girls School (WA) 2011
The Seven Hills School (OH) 2003
SSATB (NJ) 2011
Staten Island Academy (NY) 1996
Sterling Montessori Academy & Charter School (NC) 2007
The Steward School (VA) 2015
Stoneleigh-Burnham School (MA) 1995, 2001
Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (MD), 2006
Stuart Hall for Boys (CA) 2005
The Swain School (PA) 2006
Tatnall School (DE) 1996
Thacher School (CA) 1993
Totino-Grace High School (MN) 2014
The Town Hill School (CT) 1998
The Town School (NY) 2003, 2012
Trevor Day School (NY) 2014
Triangle Day School (NC) 2008
Trinity Episcopal School (LA) 2014
Trinity Episcopal School (TX) 2009
The Villa Academy (WA) 1997
Villa Duchesne-Oak Hill School (MO) 2008
Verde Valley School (AZ) 2011
Walnut Hill School (MA)
The Wardlaw-Hartridge School (NJ) 1994, 2005
The Wesley School (CA)
West Nottingham Academy (MD) 2012
West Sound Academy (WA) 2009
Westchester Academy (NC) 2007
Westland School (CA) 2012
Westridge School (CA) 2009
Whitby School (CT) 1994
White Mountain School (NH) 1993, 2006, 2007
Wildwood School (CA) 2007
The Williams School (CT) 1998
The Williams School (VA) 2007, 2012 limited
The Williston Northampton School (MA) 2010
Winchendon School (MA) 2008
Winchester Thurston School (PA) 1995
Windward School (NY) 2006
Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart (IL) 2015
Woodstock Day School (NY) 2015
Wooster School (CT) 1997
Worcester Academy (MA) 1998, 2012

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Current for July 2017

Kent Denver School (CO)

Past Senior Administrative Search Clients
(* = more than one search)

Abington Friends School (PA)*             
Academy of the Holy Names (FL)
AISNE (MA)                   
Alexander Dawson School (NV)       
The American School in London (England)*
Applewild School (MA)                     
Archer School (CA)*
Army and Navy Academy (CA)
Baylor School (TN)                                       
Beaver Country Day School (MA)       
Bentley School (CA)
Blake School (MN)               
Brentwood School (CA)
Buckingham, Browne & Nichols (MA)
Bush School (WA)*  
Campbell Hall School (CA)
Carey Schoo (CA)
Carmel Academy (CT)         
Cate School (CA)*                         
The Catlin Gabel School (OR)*
Channel 3 Country Camp (CT)
Charles Wright Academy (WA)       
Charlotte Latin School (NC)*
Cheshire Academy (CT)
Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)             
Colorado Academy (CO)*
Columbus Academy (OH)                           
Crane School (CA)*               
Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences (CA)*
Curtis School (CA)                
The Denver Campus for Jewish Education (CO)
Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson College
Preparatory Academy (NV)
Durham Academy (NC)*                      
Dwight-Englewood School (NJ)*       
Episcopal High School (LA)
Florida Council of Independent Schools (FL)
Francis Parker School (CA)
Fort Worth Country Day School (TX)     
Garrison Forest School (MD)           
Greens Farms Academy (CT)*
Golden Hills School (CA)
Idyllwild Arts Academy (CA)
International House (RI)                      
Hamlin School (CA)*
Hawken School (OH)*
Hill-Murray School (MN)               
Holy Innocents' Episcopal School (GA)        
The Hutchison School (TN)*
Idyllwild Arts Academy (CA)             
The Independent School (KS)
Interlochen Center for the Arts (MI)
International House (RI)
International School of Asia, Karuizawa
Jason Foundation (CT)
Katherine Delmar Burke School (CA)           
Kinkaid School (TX)                 
Kiski School (PA)                         
Knox School (NY)
La Salle Institute (NY)                                        
Maimonides School (MA)           
Marin Country Day School (CA)*
Marlborough School (CA)*
The Masters School (NY)
Miami Valley School (OH)      
Middlesex School (MA)*  
Miss Hall's School (MA)    
MMI (PA)                            
Moses Brown School (RI)
Newman School (MA)
Nueva School (CA)*
Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (South Africa)
Oregon Episcopal School (OR)
Palm Beach Day School (FL)        
Park School (MD)                 
Philosophy Day School (NY)                
Polytechnic School (CA)*                     
Porter-Gaud School (SC) 
The Potomac School (VA)*   
Prospect Sierra School (CA)         
Ranney School (NJ)*
Ross School (NY)*               
Sacred Heart Schools Atherton (CA)*
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (TX)
St. Anne's Episcopal School, Inc. (CO)*
St. Luke's School (CT)      
St. Margaret's-McTernan School (CT)     
St. Mary's Academy (CO) *                            
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Day School (CA)
St. Paul’s Episcopal School (CA)
San Domenico School (CA)*                          
San Francisco Day School (CA)*
School for Tomorrow (MD)       
Shady Side Academy (PA)
Shattuck-St. Mary’s (MN)
Sheridan School (DC)               
Sierra Canyon School (CA)
The Thacher School (CA)*
Tower School (MA)
Trinity-Pawling School (NY)           
University of Chicago Lab School (IL)   
University School of Milwaukee (WI)
Ursuline Academy (MA)
The Ursuline School (NY)
Vermont Academy (VT)
The Webb Schools (CA)
Wesley School (CA)
Westridge School (CA)*
Winchendon School (MA)                      
Winchester-Thurston School (PA)*
Winsor School (MA)
Worcester Academy (MA)

* multiple searches

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Academy of Notre Dame (MA)
American Camping Association/New England (MA)   
Andover School of Montessori (MA)       
Barstow School (MO)               
Beaver Country Day School (MA)        
Bede School (NJ)               
Bermuda High School for Girls (BDA)
Brewster Academy (NH)
Brooklyn Heights Montessori School (NY)   
Buckley Country Day School (NY)
Burgundy Farm Country Day School (VA)       
Cambridge Montessori School (MA)       
Canton Country Day School (OH)       
Cape Fear Academy (NC)           
Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School (MA)   
Cheshire Academy (CT)           
The College School (MO)           
Columbus Academy (OH)*
Cove School (IL)*           
Dunn School (CA)               
Dynamy (MA)                   
Eagle Hill School (MA)           
The Elisabeth Morrow School (NJ)       
The Episcopal School (TX)
Eton Academy (MI)           
Falmouth Academy (MA)
Gunston Day School (MD)*   
Hampton Roads Academy (VA)       
Harpeth Hall School (TN)           
Hebrew Academy (NJ)
The Heschel School (NY)
Hickory Day School (NC)
Hillel Day School (MI)                          
The Hutchison School (TN)           
International School of Stuttgart (Germany)
The Knox School (NY)*
La Salle College High School (PA)          
Marymount School (CA)           
Meadowbrook School (MA)           
MMI (PA)               
The Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes (IN)
Metropolitan Montessori School (NY)
Montessori de Terra Linda (CA)  
Moorestown Friends School (NJ)*
National Presbyterian School (DC)     
New Britain Symphony Orchestra (CT)
New Hampton School (NH)
North Shore Country Day School (IL)
Notre Dame de Sion School (MO)
Oakwood Friends School (NY)   
Pembroke Hill School (MO)
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PA)           
Powhatan School (VA)            
Riverside Presbyterian Day School (FL)   
Rockhurst High School (MO)           
The Rumson Country Day School (NJ)
St. Andrew’s School (RI)           
St. Christopher School (NH)           
St. Dominic Academy (NJ)
St. Edmund’s Academy (PA) 
St. Joseph's School (MO)         
St. Mary’s (MA)
St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School (MO)   
Scenic Rhode Island (RI)   
Solomon Schechter Day School (MA)
Solomon Schechter Day School (NJ)       
Solomon Schechter School of Bergen County (NJ)
Trevor Day School (NY)  
Vineyard Montessori School (MA)       
Visitation School (MO)
Wilmington Friends School (DE)
The Wilson School (MO)
Winchendon School (MA)                     
Winchester Thurston School (PA)        
Worcester Academy (MA)           
Wyndcroft School (PA)
Wyoming Seminary (PA)           

* multiple plans

Chief Executive Searches | Senior Administrative Searches | Strategic Planning
Governance | Customized Consulting for Individual School Needs


Academy of Notre Dame (MA): Board Retreat
Archway School (CA): Board Workshop
Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS): Heads of School /Trustee Presentation*
Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS): Heads of School/Trustee Presentation
Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE): Heads of School/Trustee Presentation*
American Montessori Society (AMS): Heads of School/Trustee Presentations
Barrie School (MD): Board Workshop       
Beaver School (MA): Alumni/ae Board Retreat 
Buckley Country Day School (NY): Board Workshop, Board Retreat
Burlington Day School (NC): Board Retreat
Cambridge Montessori School (MA): By-laws Revision
Cape Fear Academy (NC): Board Workshop
Chapin School (NJ): Parent Association Workshop
Charlotte Latin School (NC): Board Retreat
Children’s School (CA): Board/Faculty Workshop
Columbus Academy (OH)*: Board Retreat
East Woods School (NY)*: Board Workshop
The Episcopal School (TX): Board Workshop
Florida Council of Independent Schools: Rising Stars Workshop*
Foxcroft Academy (ME): Board Workshop
Fredericksburg Academy (VA): Board Retreat
Gunston Day School (MD)*: Board Workshop, Board Analysis
Harbor Country Day School (NY)*: Board Workshop
Harpeth Hall School (TN): Board Workshop
Hillbrook School (CA): Board Workshop
Independence School (DE): Board Retreat
Independent School (KS): Board Workshop
Independent Day School (CT)*: Board Workshop
Independent Schools Association of Central States (ISACS): Planning Session; Governance Workshop
Independent School Chairpersons Association (ISCA): Conference Presentation*
Kew Forest School (NY): Board Retreat
Lacordaire Academy (NJ): Board Workshop
The Lexington School (KY): Board Retreat
The Logan School (CO): Board Retreat
Lowell Whiteman School (CO): Board Retreat
Meadowbrook School (MA): Board Workshops
Metairie Park Country Day School (LA): Board Retreat
Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes (IN)*: Board Retreat
Moorestown Friends School (NJ): Board Retreat
Morristown Beard School (NJ): Board Retreat
MMI (PA)*: Board Retreat
National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES)*: Conference Presentations; Institute for Aspiring Heads
National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)*: Conference Presentations
New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS)*: Conference Workshops
Newport Historical Society (RI): Board Retreat                                                  
North Carolina Association of Independent Schools (NCAIS)*: Trustee Workshops
North Shore Country Day School (IL): Board Retreat
Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools (PNAIS): Conference Workshop
Packer Collegiate School (NY): Parent Association Workshop
Paideia School (GA): Board Retreat
Peck School (NJ): Annual Leadership Retreats
Philosophy Day School (NY)*: Board Workshop, Governance Counsel
Riverside Military Academy (GA): Governance and Leadership Development
Robert Potter League for Animals (RI): Governance Training
Rohan Woods School (MO): Board Workshop
Rumson Country Day School (NJ): Governance Training
Rutgers School (NJ): Board Presentation
Rye Country Day School (NY): Board Retreat
St. Dominic Academy (NJ)*: Board Retreat,  Chair Mentoring
St. Gregory College Preparatory School (AZ): Board Workshop
St. Paul’s Episcopal School (MO): Governance Counsel
St. Peter’s School (PA): Board Workshop
Saklan School (CA): Board Workshop
San Domenico School (CA): Board Workshop
The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS): Conference Presentation
Tatnall School (DE)*: Board Workshops
University Lake School (WI): Board Retreat
Unquowa School (CT): Board Workshop
Vanguard School (FL): Board Retreats
Verde Valley School (AZ): Board Retreat
Wardlaw-Hartridge School (NJ): Board Retreat
Whitby School (CT): Board Retreat
Worcester Academy (MA)*: Administration Retreat

* multiple retreats or workshops

Chief Executive Searches | Senior Administrative Searches | Strategic Planning
Governance | Customized Consulting for Individual School Needs


Chase Collegiate School (CT): Ongoing Campaign Counsel
Chestnut Hill School (MA): Development Office Audit
Clarke School for the Deaf (MA): Ongoing Campaign Counsel
Cold Springs School (CT): Development Consulting
Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (WA): Development Audit
Hawken School (OH): Ongoing Development Counsel
Marin Primary and Middle School (CA): Campaign Readiness Assessment
Sacred Heart Schools (CA): Capital Campaign Director
St. Christopher School (NH): Capital Campaign Development Counsel
St. Dominic Academy (NJ): Development Audit


Abraham Lincoln School (NY): Mission Assessment/Marketing
AISAP: Conference Presentor for Admissions Professionals
Alcuin Montessori School (IL): Marketing/Enrollment Audit; Demographic Research
Andover School of Montessori (MA): Admissions Planning/Market Plan
Barrie School (MD): Transition Management
Bartlett School (MA): Institutional Assessment
Belmont Day School (MA): Expansion/Demographic Research
Blue Ridge School (VA): Admissions Planning
Blue Ridge School (VA): Summer School Management
Buckley Country Day School (NY): Market Plan
Buffalo Seminary (NY): Institutional Assessment
Burgundy Country Day School (VA): Administrative Structure Assessment
Chapin School (NJ): Demographic Analysis
Charles Wright (WA): Audit & Assessment of Athletics
Cheshire Academy (CT): Curriculum Review/Assessment
Cheshire Academy (CT): Market Plan
Cheshire Academy (CT): Lower School Viability Assessment
Cheshire Academy (CT): Admissions Office Training
Cheshire Academy (CT): Institutional Analysis of Mission and Metrics
Chestnut Hill School (MA): Admissions Survey
Church Schools in the Diocese of VA: Compensation Analysis
Colorado Springs School (CO): Marketing
The Craig School (NJ): Secondary School Feasibility Study
The Craig School (NJ): Market Plan
Darien School (CT): Secondary School Feasibility Study
Darrow School (NY): Faculty Workshop
Denver Lutheran High Schools (CO): Feasibility Study
Detroit Arts and Sciences Academy (MI): Enrollment Analysis
Duke School (NC): Institutional Administrative Structure Assessment
Dunn School (CA): Market Plan
Ecole Bilingue (MA): Institutional Assessment
Ecole Bilingue (MA): Financial Planning
The Eliot School (MA): Transitional Management Counsel
Elisabeth Morrow School (NJ): Space Use Analysis
Elisabeth Morrow School (NJ): Market Plan
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy (CA): International Students and Education Workshops
Forman School (CT): Admissions Audit
Franciscan School (NC): Administrative Assessment
Fredericksburg Academy (VA): Leadership Transition Assessment
Gateway School (CA): Mission Assessment
Genessee Country Catholic Schools (MI): Planning and Feasibility Study
German School of New York (NY): Expansion Feasibility Study
Greensboro Day School (NC): Leadership Team Development
Harpeth Hall School (TN): Organizational Assessment
Heritage Christian School (CO): Feasibility Study
Hutchison School (TN): Administration Assessment
International School of Stuttgart(GER): Mission Review
Kimball Union Academy (NH): Management Counsel
The Kiski School (PA): Admissions Office Assessment
The Kiski School (PA): School Configuration Study
The Knox School (NY): Business Operations Assessment
The Knox School (NY): Institutional Assessment
La Salle Institute (NY): Enrollment/Marketing Audit; Demographics Research
Lacordaire Academy (NJ): Governance Assessment
Lacordaire Academy (NJ): Enrollment Assessment
Lawrence School (OH): Institutional Assessment
Lawrenceville School (NJ): Comparative Employee Survey
Marist School (GA): Institutional Assessment
Marymount of Santa Barbara (CA): Institutional Assessment
Marymount of Santa Barbara (CA): Fiscal Planning
Marymount of Santa Barbara (CA): Market Plan
Meadowbrook School (MA): Middle School Feasibility Study
Miss Halls School (MA): Fiscal Planning
Miss Hall's School (MA): Transition Management
MMI (PA): Institutional Planning Support
Moorestown Friends School (NJ): Business & Development Offices Assessment
New Canaan Country School (CT): Administrative Structure Assessment
Oldfields School (MD): General Consulting
Park City Schools (UT): Institutional Consulting on School Merger
Pembroke Hill School (MO): Alumni Association Workshop
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PA): Institutional Assessment and Planning Project
Philosophy Day School (NY): Publications Editing
Philosophy Day School (NY): Governance Counsel
Potomac School (VA) - Administrative Retreats
Philosophy Day School (NY): Analysis of Student Progress Reports
Ridgefield Academy (CT): Admissions Planning
Ridgefield Academy (CT): Middle School Management
Ridgefield Academy (CT): Curriculum Development*
Ridgefield Academy (CT): Testing Assessment*
Ridgefield Academy (CT): Preschool Program Assessment
Ridgefield Academy (CT): Admissions Office Training
Rippowam Cisqua School (NY): Secondary School Feasibility Study
Riverside Military Academy (GA): Financial Operations Analysis
Rockhurst High School (MO): Institutional Assessment
Rockhurst High School (MO): Admissions Planning/Market Plan
Roycemore School (IL): Institutional Capability Analysis; Marketing Assessment
Rutgers School (NJ): Demographics Study
St. Andrews School (RI): Administrative Structure Assessment
St. Andrews School (RI): Residential Program Analysis
St. Andrews School (RI): Consulting on Website Redesign
St. Christopher School (NH): Financial Aid Program Management
St. Christopher School (NH): Admissions Planning/Market Plan
St. Dominic Academy (NJ): Administrative Assessment
St. Dominic Academy (NJ): Enrollment Marketing Audit
St. Mark's School (MA): Leadership Alignment
St. Michael's Country Day School (RI): Enrollment Management & Marketing Audi
St. Monica High School (CA): Admissions Assessment
St. Paul's Episcopal Day School (MO): Transition Management
St. Paul's Episcopal Day School (MO): Admissions Planning/Market Plan
Saint Louis School (HI): Institutional Capability Assessment
San Domenico School (CA): Institutional Assessment
San Domenico School (CA): Admissions Audit
San Domenico School (CA): Head Mentoring
Schools for Children (MA): Institutional Assessment
Shattuck St. Mary's School (MN): Faculty Compensation/Work Study Analysis; Strategic Program Review
Stanwich School (CT): Community Satisfaction Research
Stanwich School (CT): Leadership Transition Consulting
Stevenson School (CA): School Configuration Assessment
Storm King School (NY): Admissions Office Audit/Demographic Analysis
Swain School (PA): Admissions/Marketing Analysis
Teatown Reservation (NY): Organizational Assessment
Vineyard Montessori School (MA): Institutional Assessment
Wayland Academy (WI): Enrollment Management/Marketing Counsel
The Webb Schools (CA): Leadership Assessment
Western Reserve Academy (OH): Administrative Assessment
Williams School (CT): Administrative Structure Assessment
Williams School (CT): Leadership Assessment
Worcester Academy (MA): Enrollment Audit and Training
Wyoming Seminary (PA): Admissions Planning Retreat
* multiple consultation

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