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Consulting Services

The EduDx partners bring professional training and years of experience as school leaders and trustees to our consulting practice.

We work with school leaders in areas related to organizational development and with boards of trustees on enhancing governance. Typically a head of school or board chair will contact us and describe a situation that they believe will benefit from the insights and guidance of a consultant. We listen carefully and follow up with a proposal for how we might help. When the situation is not “in our wheelhouse,” we suggest consultants who might be able to help.

Recent projects have involved leadership team development, strategy alignment, head of school coaching and senior administrator 360 assessments, executive coaching, and after action reviews.

"They always pick up the phone, always listen, and always provide fantastic advice and feedback. "
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Brant Lighthouse head of school positions
Dr Jerry Larson search consultant

Our Lead Consultant

Jerry Larson, EdD, MBA

Jerry has over thirty years of experience working with and leading individuals and teams in high performing organizations. As a Head/CEO of a $12 million, 100 employee organization, Jerry delivered 22% growth over an 18-month period and led an $8 million capital improvement process. He served as a managing director of a $150 million educational and sports training organization with over 500 employees representing 58 different nationalities where the leadership team reduced the overall budget by 25% while enhancing services to students, national sports federations and sports clubs. Jerry has served on the boards of The Forman School, The Winchendon School, and the former Bartlett School. He regularly works with school leaders and leadership teams on developing organizational capacity, strategic alignment, and leadership development.

Jerry has a Doctorate in Education from Boston University in counseling and human development with an emphasis in performance and sport psychology. He also holds an MBA and has certifications in coaching from The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara (CHIC), and in coaching leadership through emotional intelligence from Weatherhead School of Management. Jerry is also a certified William Bridges facilitator for Leading Individual and Organization Change.

For a free consultation and additional information please contact:

Jerry Larson, EdD, MBA, Managing Partner
800-647-2794 (ext. 3)
401-644-2054 (direct)