Educational Directions: Interim Head of School Search

Interim Head of School Search

Educational Directions connects schools that need an interim head with potential candidates.

Educational Directions (EduDx) believes that leadership transitions can be transformational moments for independent schools. With our extensive network, ongoing research, and years of experience, EduDx partners effectively with boards and schools to deliver exceptional leadership for schools.

As you consider appointing an Interim Head of School, Educational Directions will help you understand:

  • Why, after a sudden or tumultuous departure or the departure of a long- tenured head, an Interim Head of School might offer the best solution in a time of transition
  • What your school’s short and long-term strategic goals are in order to sustain a healthy learning community
  • Who might best serve your school as an Interim Head
  • How to understand the search process in order to achieve the best results with an Interim Head of School placement

EduDx offers your school:

  • access to over 200 experienced independent school leaders interested in serving as an Interim Head of School.
  • coaching and consulting with your Board of Trustees on Principles of Good Practice and how best to conduct an Interim Head of School search.
  • a cost-effective placement process facilitated by experienced search consultants who have served as Interim Head of School themselves.

We welcome your call for details and consultation on how to make the most of a school year with an interim head of school.

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"It became clear that we needed time to conduct an effective search for a head of school and needed an interim head who would do some of the heavy lifting in preparing the school for the next chapter in our long history. Our interim head, identified by Educational Directions, far exceeded our expectations."
Board Chair / New York

If you need an interim head of school, please contact:

Jay Underwood at:
404-754-7434 (direct)