Interim Head of School Search

Educational Directions connects schools that need an interim head with potential candidates.

The potential candidates are former school heads who have confirmed with us their interest in serving as interim heads. They will bring their seasoned leadership to your interim year. Your school will benefit from their leadership and from their experience with the challenges you want addressed during the interim year.

The way the connection works is quite simple.

  • Click here to download the Search Information Form.
  • Complete and return the form—with the particulars of your school and search—as requested.
  • We will forward your Search Information Form to approximately 100 potential candidates.
  • Your interim head of school position will also be listed in The Blue Sheet.
  • The experienced heads who are interested in your search will contact you directly.

Lila Lohr, a veteran of 10 interim headships, assists schools that want help with the selection and onboarding of an interim head of school. Her services include consulting with the school on what they are looking for in the interim head of school, identifying appropriate candidates who are interested in the position, advising on search logistics and arrangements with the interim head, and “coaching” schools and interim heads through the interim year.

We welcome your call for details and consultation on how to make the most of a school year with an interim head of school.

"It became clear that we needed time to conduct an effective search for a head of school and needed an interim head who would do some of the heavy lifting in preparing the school for the next chapter in our long history. Our interim head, identified by Educational Directions, far exceeded our expectations."
Board Chair / New York

If you need an interim head of school, please contact:

Lila B. Lohr
410-303-7268 (direct)