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We plan and implement a search process tailored to the school’s culture and mission The EduDx team, in collaboration with the school, gives the process depth and manages stakeholder participation efficiently and constructively.

The typical plan includes:

One and a half to two days at the school to collect information and impressions through conversations with various school constituencies

Confidential assessment of the leadership needs

Development of a search prospectus for advertising and recruiting

Recruitment, assessment, and presentation to the hiring committee of the high potential candidates

Support and coaching for the hiring committee with candidate interviews

Additional services we believe will contribute to the greatest possible success for the search

We target and recruit a diverse pool of outstanding educational leaders throughout the world who match the profile of your ideal candidate. The Green Sheet is a valuable source of candidates.

We provide the Search Committee with a thorough evaluation of each candidate’s track record, knowledge, abilities, and potential.

Our approach is “hands-on.” Our partners, not associates or “back office,” write the prospectus, interview candidates, check references. With this personal experience, we can effectively promote your leadership opportunity and discern the nuances of fit of a candidate.

Tug Ship Head Search Firm

"We were immediately drawn to your warm manner and professionalism. "
Search Committee Member / Illinois

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