Leadership Succession

Unrealized Sources of Long Term Leadership

Considering an internal candidate to become your next head of school is an option frequently ignored in independent schools. About 80% of the new CEOs at the top S&P 500 firms are hired internally. Why isn’t a similar practice more frequent at independent schools?

A few benefits an internal candidate brings:

Familiarity with the school and its opportunities and challenges

Established relationships

Clarity about where support may be needed

Avoidance of the cost and disruption of a comprehensive search process

The Board of Trustees has a few options in considering internal candidates:

Don’t do it … because the bench strength isn’t there or “fresh eyes” are needed

Welcome internal candidates into a comprehensive search process, generally with an understanding that internal candidates will be interviewed by the Search Committee

Evaluate and possibly appoint an internal candidate prior to launching a full, comprehensive search

“Thank you for being the firm that thinks creatively about search!“
Former Head of School / Delaware

In EduDx’s experience assisting schools with option #3, we have planned and implemented an evaluation for the internal candidate that left no doubt s/he had experienced a fair, transparent, inclusive, and rigorous process.

However, planning the right process for possible internal succession can be challenging. We welcome your call for a free consultation about what might be the right approach for your school.

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