Educational Directions: Differentiators

Differentiators of EduDx Leadership Searches

These special feature of our approach to leadership searches will bring great benefits to your search.

As publishers of The Blue Sheet (TBS) and The Green Sheet (TGS), we have unique access to and knowledge about the candidates who are looking for a new leadership opportunity, and the schools that are looking for a new head of school (aka the competition).The Blue Sheet (TBS) is our “secret weapon” in finding candidates. Among the subscribers to The Blue Sheet are 90% of all the new heads who will be appointed in any given year.

Our approach is “hands-on.” Our partners, not associates or “back office,” write the search prospectus, interview candidates, and check references. This personal experience allows us to effectively promote your leadership opportunity and discern the nuances of fit of a candidate. Our EduDx partners share experiences, ideas, knowledge, and individual research on a regular basis.

Going beyond normal search channels, we have successfully recruited a wide range of diversity among the candidates in all our recent searches.

For over 30 years we have been the leaders in improving leadership searches; studied the changing expectations of school heads; researched the leadership attributes of successful school heads; and created a worldwide network of sources for candidates.

"Heaven knows you held my hand the entire way and answered all my questions a nanosecond after I had hit 'send.'"
Search Committee Chair / New York

We are tenacious in candidate evaluation and due diligence: comprehensive personal, behavioral, and competency-based interviews; third party background checks for all semifinalists; and a minimum of 12 references checks for each finalist.

The application portfolios of “high potential” candidates include an eight-minute, prerecorded video by each candidate in which s/he responds to four questions received in advance from the Search Committee. Search Committees have appreciated this additional insight on candidates.

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